Boutique Factory

De Karina Chocolate Boutique Factory

is situated in the pastoral scenery at the heart of the Golan Heights.

The factory was established in 2006 by Karina and Gyora Chaplinski, an

immigrant couple form Argentina, who came to realise their dream in the Land

of Israel.

The chocolatier Karina Chaplinski, a third generation of an Argentine chocolatier

family, immigrated to Israel with a vision to continue a family tradition of a

hundred years of hand-made premium chocolate.

A little under a hundred years ago, after the First World War, Karina’s father fled

from Europe and came to Argentina, where he continued his profession and

opened a small home-based factory, which developed and grew with the years.

Katina’s father continued to develop the family business, till it blossomed into a

factory that employed more than one hundred employees, but they never

abandoned the handmade craftsmanship that grandfather had brought from


Since then, Karina’s dream became De Karina, and innovative and creative

company, which is valued as one of the best boutique chocolate manufacturers in


A combination of traditional methods, modern knowledge, and cutting edge

research turn De Karina premium products into a unique experience, from the

packaging to the taste. Tastes and textures, opposites and combinations, South

American influences, a sweeping experience for all the senses.

De Karina boutique chocolate factory invites you to visit the visiting centre, and

enjoy a variety of sweet activities and experiences that are all a love story to


The visiting centre hold guided tours for individuals and groups, chocolate

workshops for kids, chocolate workshops for adults, for organisations and

companies, team-building workshops, VIP workshops, birthdays and executive  workshops.

At the De Karina shop you can buy from the various products as a souvenir or

gift. You will find here grommet chocolate that are made by our chocolatiers in

limited editions and are sold at the shop in special prices.

Chocolate coffee shop – the De Karina visiting centre coffee shop has a unique

menu, filled with a special chocolate ambiance, warm hospitality, and the smell

of chocolate – there is something sweet here for everyone.

De Karina Gift-wraps – a wonderful idea for gifts for organisations and

companies. With our team’s assistance, you can select gift-wraps of your choice,

splendid gifts for workers’ unions, for conferences and more.

Important information: the visiting centre and coffee shop are accessible for


All the products are Glatt Kosher milk/parve.